tips for shopping on Instagram

some of you have expressed an interest in checking out the Instagram shops i've featured. 

you know i'm all for supporting my fellow entrepreneurs, but i want to give you a few simple tips to ensure you have a good shopping experience.

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have you bought anything on Instagram yet? i'd love to answer your questions...drop em below!


one pair of shorts worn three ways | casual summer style

wearing one piece a number of different ways is the most cost-effective way of maximizing your wardrobe. i can't tell you how many times i've thrown on these boyfriend jeans...sometimes within the same week. 

outfit with shorts and graphic tshirt

when looking at outfit inspiration, don't be so literal in that you only see what's in front of you. think about similar pieces in your closet and how you can mix and match them to create a stylish ensemble that reflects your personal style.
bohemian inspired outfit

if these shorts aren't your taste, by all means - substitute your favorite pair of jeans.

preppy travel style for summer

and don't forget to play around with your accessories. it's my favorite way to add color and texture to otherwise boring outfits. 


what i bought on instragram

some folks still don't believe me when i tell them you can buy clothes and stuff on Instagram!

online shopping - instagram

here's what my social media shopping escapades got me for the months of April and May.

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Instagram sellers mentioned in this video: @funkyfindzresale @thatstreschic @admirablestylz

i'm going to give the seller another chance to make good on their lack of communication when it comes to prompt shipping. some buyers wouldn't be willing to do that - and rightfully so. we have too many shops to choose from...step up your service or lose business. it's just that simple. 


going back to vegas...in style

my first trip to Las Vegas was in the summer of 2009. like most tourists, it was spent walking the strip, casino hopping, and indulging in more food than any one human being should consume. 

when my sisters and i retreated to our hotel room every night, i'd fall asleep watching the CityCenter infomercial promoting the Aria Resort and Casino. even though it would be another five months before its doors would open, i knew then that my next Vegas vacation would revolve around the modern and luxurious property.

i'm no world traveler by any means, but packing isn't a challenge for me. once i know what the weather will be like and the activities my trip will consist of - i'm literally good to go. keeping this in mind, the lightweight, wrinkle-free ensembles i took on my first visit will definitely accompany me the next time around.

what to wear - las vegas

a flirty little number like this one would serve double-duty and get me through the entire day. a quick change of accessories and shoes would take me from casual lounging to cocktail sipping and dinner at American Fish. from there, i'm headed to see Cirque du Soleil's production, Zarkana. i really wanted to experience a show during my first Vegas vacation, but we simply didn't have enough time. 

las vegas style

i'm finishing off the night by dancing until the wee hours of the morning at Haze, one of the city's top nightspots. and while i hate the phrase, "party like a rock star"...that's just what i plan to do! complete with bottle service and red-rope VIP seating overlooking the dance floor. 

i'm long overdue for a weekend getaway. who wants to go with me?!


shopping on instagram

Instagram is my go-to spot for clothes and accessories for 2014. 

thrift shopping on instagram

take a look to see what i loved...and what went wrong. 

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can you believe how much i paid for those four pieces?! un. real. 

Instagram shops mentioned in this video: @sumthinoldsunthinnew @funkyfindzresale @wearkarma @admirablestylz