shopping on instagram

Instagram is my go-to spot for clothes and accessories for 2014. 

take a look to see what i loved...and what went wrong. 

if you can't see the video CLICK HERE

can you believe how much i paid for those four pieces?! un. real. 

Instagram shops mentioned in this video: @sumthinoldsunthinnew @funkyfindzresale @wearkarma @admirablestylz


style basics | boyfriend jeans and a blazer

boyfriend jeans-style inspiration

after diligent research (that's code for "snooping around on Instagram"!), i've found a way to never subject myself to getting dressed for outfit photos ever again.
not unless i just want to. but not for the sake of striking an awkward pose in the middle of the street.
it turns out, my most popular post was virtual maxi dress outfits. this means that there are people out there like me...those who want to see the actual style vs. the person wearing the styles.
from now on, expect what you see above - real clothes, from my real closet, put together to inspire you to create outfits that reflect your own individual style.
not everything will be shared here though. i started a #3ways2wear feature on Instagram so be sure to connect with me there as well.
i can't begin to tell you how much easier my (blogging) life has become...


keep the change | 2013 recap...2014 challenge

bent the rules for my December purchases...

if you can't see the video CLICK HERE

well...this one is behind us and i'm extremely excited about 2014.

i want to clarify what i said in the video. my "destination of choice" will be just that - the primary place i go to shop. however, it won't be the only place i'll shop. and if you're reading this wanting to know just where said place is. sorry. you gotta watch to find out!

so what do you think? is my 2014 challenge something you could do?

mentioned in this video: sumthinoldsumthinnew on Instagram


keep the change | $20 budget - November

November purchases from Cotton On...a store in Round Rock Premium Outlets.

if you can't see the video CLICK HERE.

all of these things brought so much joy to me and  my closet! can you tell?!

this wasn't my first time shopping at Cotton On. last year i picked up a hi-low floral printed top and put together this entire look for less than $40.

the year is winding down and while i've had fun on the Keep the Change journey - i'm looking forward to next year. i hope you stick around with me.


keep the change | $20 budget September & October

September and October purchases from Kohl's and ImperfectConcepts.com

if you can't see the video CLICK HERE.

only two more months left in the Keep the Change Challenge. i have an idea about what i could do for 2014...but the real question is would YOU be interested? 

are you burned out with shopping challenges?! do you get anything out of this kind of content?