how to lower your monthly bills

With everyone focusing on saving money and getting out of debt in the new year, I wanted to share some easy steps you can take to lower your monthly bills.


One phone call to AT&T saved me about $15.00 per month on internet and landline service.

Almost all service providers have a Customer Retention Department or the equivalent. If you don't know the name of the specific department, just tell the customer service representative you're thinking about switching providers and they'll get you over to the right people ASAP.

Before you call, research a competitor that's offering compatible services at a lower rate than you're paying with your existing provider. I used this strategy when dealing with T-Mobile to get my cell phone bill reduced; I went online and compared two different companies that had similar rate plans. This signals to your company that you're serious and ready to drop them immediately if they aren't willing to work with you to lower your bill.

Ask the representative how long you've been a loyal customer. Although you know good and well how long you've been with them, this puts the attention on them to acknowledge the fact that you've chosen to do business with them for X number of years.

Here's something you can say to help get your point across: "As a consumer, I have choices and I've chosen to do business with you for 5 years." This is exactly what I said to AT&T.

More than likely, the representative will come back with something along the lines of the lower advertised rates only apply to new customers and not existing customers. I love it when they say this!

This is when you ask one simple question, "So you're saying I can't save money because I've chosen to remain a loyal customer for 5 years? If so, please tell me why I should remain your customer." You want to reinforce the fact that you're already a paying customer and have been for a long time. And when you ask why you should remain their customer, expect a brief moment of silence as the person on the other end of the phone tries to gather his/her thoughts.

Set aside a few hours one day before the end of this month and make the phone calls. Some companies will be more cooperative than others, but don't back down. If they flat out refuse to work with you, be prepared to make a decision to stay or move to another company. In my case, I was genuinely prepared to switch services

Which company are you going to call first? I suggest starting with the one that could save you the most money. Let me know how it went and how much you saved.


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tips for shopping on Instagram

some of you have expressed an interest in checking out the Instagram shops i've featured. 

you know i'm all for supporting my fellow entrepreneurs, but i want to give you a few simple tips to ensure you have a good shopping experience.

if you can't see the video CLICK HERE

have you bought anything on Instagram yet? i'd love to answer your questions...drop em below!


one pair of shorts worn three ways | casual summer style

wearing one piece a number of different ways is the most cost-effective way of maximizing your wardrobe. i can't tell you how many times i've thrown on these boyfriend jeans...sometimes within the same week. 

outfit with shorts and graphic tshirt

when looking at outfit inspiration, don't be so literal in that you only see what's in front of you. think about similar pieces in your closet and how you can mix and match them to create a stylish ensemble that reflects your personal style.
bohemian inspired outfit

if these shorts aren't your taste, by all means - substitute your favorite pair of jeans.

preppy travel style for summer

and don't forget to play around with your accessories. it's my favorite way to add color and texture to otherwise boring outfits. 


what i bought on instragram

some folks still don't believe me when i tell them you can buy clothes and stuff on Instagram!

online shopping - instagram

here's what my social media shopping escapades got me for the months of April and May.

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Instagram sellers mentioned in this video: @funkyfindzresale @thatstreschic @admirablestylz

i'm going to give the seller another chance to make good on their lack of communication when it comes to prompt shipping. some buyers wouldn't be willing to do that - and rightfully so. we have too many shops to choose from...step up your service or lose business. it's just that simple.